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Gothenburg Christian School of Business is the new ambitious business school in Sweden, aiming to deliver first class teaching which will help you to grow, excel and thrive within your industry.


The Scandinavian area is rated highly internationally in terms of competiveness, work and future potential in business. The mix between trade, academia and government-owned businesses is the major engine behind innovation and expertise. West Sweden is one of the country´s fastest growing regions for newly started companies. Based on the principles of economics found in the Holy Bible, Gothenburg Christian School of Business will equip you to work within your business, industry and help you to excel.


Online & Onsite

This business school offers both one-year and two-year study programs. A great combination of onsite and online training will take your professional business career to the next level. With three two-days gatherings per semester in combination with mandatory studies and readings in between, the school will strategically empower and prepare you for the future. The grand opening and the official start of Gothenburg Christian School of Business, will soon be released. Therefore, make sure to apply today!



The professors and teachers come from three different continents of the world; Australia, North America and Europe. They have worked in multinational companies and organizations, been invited to an informative briefing meeting in the White house, and seen the lives of thousands being changed. Their goals are to share proven business methods that will help you to grow, excel and thrive on daily basis within your industry. Based on their life experiences and successes, they will deliver hands-on training on both group and individual level.

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Greeting from the Executive Director,

Gothenburg Christian School of Business in Sweden welcomes you to the Personal Leadership Development Program! The goal is clear: to inspire you to excel in business, to shape your calling for the market place, and to help you grow and thrive within your industry. Come and experience the birth of new businesses and companies throughout the Nordic countries with a God-first-mentality. This is the real climate change and its necessary for the transformation of our societies. Welcome to some exiting years ahead!

Executive director, Terje Nordboe