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General Information 

Gothenburg Christian School of Business (GCSB) offers a 1-year program and a 2-year program. The first school year and its content is common for both study programs. Those who choose the 2-year program from the start, will continue in the second year with additional subjects taught by inspiring professors and teachers.

The courses mentioned below is the content representing the One-year program.


God´s Will – How To Find And Activate Your Assignment

Teacher: David Leslie, Australia

Create influence and affluence to build God´s Kingdom on Earth.

  • Learn why the vast majority of Christians never move into a place of ¨Breakthrough¨.
  • Discover the four Biblical keys to finding your assignment.
  • Learn how God worked out His assignment through key Biblical characters.
  • Why your ´unconditional commitment´ to your assignment is key to breakthroughs.
  • Understand how God uses your background, culture, family life and experience to prepare you for your assignment in the marketplace.
  • Hear how David Leslie’s assignment led him to a meeting in The White House, Washington DC in 2019.
  • Work through practical exercises throughout the day to help guide you in discovering and refining your assignment.

God´s Way – Executing God´s Will In The Marketplace

Teacher: David Leslie, Australia

  • Why trading God´s way can lead to supernatural breakthroughs in your business.
  • The power of ´gleaning´ to create wealth and reduce systemic poverty.
  • How to overcome the ´allegiance of Babylon´ to move into multiplication.
  • Transacting in a way that prospers others and eliminates social and economic distress.
  • Overcoming the major internal blockages that may prevent you from executing your assignment God´s way.
  • Operating ´God´s way´ in the marketplace releases a new culture that can transform your business, the community, and ultimately the whole marketplace.
  • Identify through practical exercise how Babylon may have infiltrated your life and business.


Spirit of Entrepreneurship

Teacher: Dr. Deloris Thomas, USA

Course Overview
The spirit of entrepreneurship represents a key attribute and a covenant promise to every Believer. Throughout Biblical text we observe the multigenerational Abrahamic covenant manifest the entrepreneurical spirit. Similarly, industries are created and disrupted throughout history through the display of the entrepreneurial spirit. As we enter the new frontier of new ventures and possibilities, let us learn how to ignite the spirit of entrepreneurship to advance the Kingdom of God in the marketplace. In this course, you will examine evidence of the spirit of entrepreneurship through Biblical, theoretical and practical lenses.
You will learn how to: 
  • Identify the characteristics of an entrepreneur
  • Develop and discern entrepreneurial self-efficacy
  • Perceive, identify, evaluate and seize opportunities
  • Apply lessons learned from the Biblical text to build faith for entrepreneurial pursuits
  • Distinguish between the secular and sacred spirit of entrepreneurship as you compare and contrast entrepreneurs from Biblical, historical and contemporary contexts

The Entrepreneurial Leader

Teacher: Dr. Deloris Thomas, USA

Course Overview
Charting a new path as a leader for oneself or an organization requires vision and courage. Sadly, the world faces a crisis of leadership adept in integrity and moral values. Amidst the rise in technological advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, leaders seek new ways to predict the future and pursue new frontiers of wealth. At the same time people are facing increased wealth disparities and natural disasters that widens the equity gap. The Bible declares that the world awaits the manifestation of the sons of God, and reminds us that when the righteous are in authority the people rejoice. 
You will learn how to:
  • Use design thinking to develop disruptive and innovative solutions in the marketplace.
  • Build structures and systems that empower people to become more creative and adaptable to changing situations.
  • Formulate an agile and high-performance team of diverse leaders.
  • Make sound and spirit-led decisions in a complex, uncertain, and chaotic environments
  • Identify and apply leadership lessons by comparing and contrasting Biblical and secular leaders and their leadership styles

New Mutual Business Eco-System

Teacher: Dr Arleen Westerhof, the Netherlands

Course Overview
Charting a new path as a New mutual business eco-system is about the power of orchestrating eco-system at business unit level around purpose to mobilize and enchance hitherto resources and value. It is also about the importance of enchancing performance management across multiple forms of capital – social, human and shared financial – to drive holistic value creation.
  • Learn new paradigms on finance and economy based on Christian tradition, faith and thought, and transformational businesses generating four-fold capital (human, social, natural and financial) as new models for poverty alleviation and sustainable economies.
  • From a company-centric to a purpose-centric strategy which positions your business as the champion of a cause that solves the problem of people or planet.
  • From antagonizing rivals in a linear value chain to orchestrating the eco-system, to mutualize capabilities, innovate and fix systemic breakdowns.
  • From maximizing financial capital to balancing multiple capitals using non-financial metrics as leading indicators of long-term holistic value creation.
  • From purpose and profit being trade-offs to defining profit to align with purpose, placing purpose at the heart of your management accounts and incentives programs.

Economics of Mutuality

Teacher: Dr Arleen Westerhof, the Netherlands

Course Overview
The economics of mutuality is a re-definition of the purpose of business: to solve the problems of people and planet profitbly without that profit creating problems for people and planet. It´s a new multicapital business model and it promotes sustainable profitable business as well a s human, social and environmental benefits. Case studies have been done by the Mars Catalyst Economic Think Tank and Oxford University´s Business School, involving more than 40 multinational corporations worldwide.
  • How does the economics of mutality methology works?
  • From purpose to meaningful challenges
  • Economics of mutuality metrics for performance
  • Eco-system mapping and intervention design
  • The importance of enchanging performance management across multiple forms of capital – social, human, natural and shared financial – to drive holistic value creation

Transformational Leadership I & II

Teacher: Hugh Marquis, Australia

Course Overview
Transformational Leadership (TL) will empower you to walk through the different scenarios we all face as leaders in our family, church, business, government, education or any other environment. It contain practical tools that will show you how to walk through conflict in a positive way, eliminate gossip and establish a healthy culture. You will lean how to identify and break free from restrains, build healthy organizational models and grow in personal vision and focus.
Transformational Leadership (TL) is a powerful two-day workshop that will impact every area of your life. The unique traning approach will allow each person to actively engage in a process that leads to personal and professional transformation. TL builds leadership skills, develops break-through for personal and process constraings, teaches tools for conflict resolution and cultural change. The trainings is extremely practical and applies to relationship everywhere.

Modern Digital Transformation

Teacher: Director Terje Nordboe, Norway

Course Overview
Modern Digital Transformation gives students a foundation on organizational change and tranformation through digital technology. How digital transformation is removing constraints and creating exciting new possibilities that wffect the lives of many, both people and companies.
  • Re-inventing business models and re-thinking value propositions
  • How to go from an analogue to a digital business model and creating new digital businesses
  • What do digital visions look like and how to explore your new digital vision?
  • What is digital mastery and what is significant with digital overcomers and strategists?
  • How to monitor the symptoms which drive within business modeling inside your industry, even before others do it
  • Re-configuering your product or service delivery model using core skills and assetts in combinations with a transformative digital vision. 

Excellence in Business according to Biblical standards

Teacher: Director Terje Nordboe, Norway

Course Overview
This course will provide you with a solid foundation on hwo you can drive outstanding performance for yourself, how to implement excellence in your career, and how to excel within your company and organization using Biblical standards.
  • What is “excellence” according to Biblical terms and standards?
  • Understand the importance of prosperity and the value chaing that follows of blessing others.
  • Re-valuing your working position and re-forming your company true the concepts of honor. 
  • How to improve your own performance and how to affect your collegues positively for a greater working climate.
  • How to marry excellence from the Bible with your performance today in the market place.
Reservation for any change related to visiting intructors and their teaching materials.