Quick Facts

Gothenburg Christian School of Business is the new ambitious business school in Sweden, aiming to deliver first class teaching that will help you to grow, excel and thrive withing your industry.


Reformation Scandinavia

Deliver first-class teachings which will help students to grow, excel and thrive within their industry, as well as starting new businesses with a Christ-first mentality: To His glory!

This shall lead to lower or even delete unemployment, unhappiness, divorce rate, poverty, homelessness, corruption and crime.

By starting every school day with prayer to our Lord in the name of Jesus Christ, beliving that He will fill us with His wisdow, guidance and growth ideas to start multiple businesses.

By providing teachings that are based on the truths and principles of economics found in the Holy Bible.

By incorporating theorethical principles in combination with tested and successful business methods, suitable for daily working environments.

Onsite training

Location on the dates listed for onsite tranings is: Chalmerska-huset, Södra Hamngatan 11, 411 14 Gothenburg.

Online training
All teachings will be live-streamed to an student platform online. Hence, we welcome international students to apply for the programs at the business school.

In case of any unforseen circumstances e.g. travel ban(s) to Sweden, Covid-19 restrictions and so forth, online trainings will be provided instead.

Year 1: 2022

Spring 2022
- January 27 at 09.00-18.00
- January 28 at 09.00-16.00

- March 10 at 09.00-18.00
- March 11 at 09.00-16.00

- May 05 at 09.00-18.00
- May 06 at 09.00-16.00

Autumn 2022
- September 01 at 09.00-18.00
- September 02 at 09.00-16.00

- October 13 at 09.00-18.00
- October 14 at 09.00-16.00

- November 24 at 09.00-18.00
- November 25 at 09.00-16.00


The main teaching language will be English. All sessions will be video recorded for documentation, marketing and development purposes.

Who can apply

* High-school exam.
* 5-7 years of work experience.
* 3 years of leadership experience*.

Important note:
We need your application before Friday January 17, 2022.

*Some kind of leadership experience. Use the comment field in the Apply form to elaborate and explain exactly.

Year 2: 2023

Spring 2023
- January 26 at 09.00-18.00
- January 27 at 09.00-16.00

- March 09 at 09.00-18.00
- March 10 at 09.00-16.00

- May 04 at 09.00-18.00
- May 05 at 09.00-16.00

Autumn 2023
- August 31 at 09.00-18.00
- September 01 at 09.00-16.00

- October 12 at 09.00-18.00
- October 13 at 09.00-16.00

- November 23 at 09.00-18.00
- November 24 at 09.00-16.00

Apply 1-2-3

Step 1:
Send us an email and request for the application form.

Step 2:
Thouroughly fill and return your application.

Step 3:
GCSB will go through your application and respond to you within 1-2 weeks.

Step 4:
If initially accepted, you will receive an confirmation e-mail.

Step 5:
After GCSB has received the required payment, we will confirm your place as a student.

A Quote From Psalms

Let the Lord be magnified, who has pleasure in the prosperity of His servant.